Health care

The very beginnings of modern health care in Vevcani go back in 1936 when the first health community was formed.

During the Second World war , the initiator and implementer of the complex project in developing the Health station ( now a healthcare home) was dr. Svetozar Cocoroski, with the complete support of all the medical staff, intellectuals and all of the citizens of Vevcani’s area.

Our Healthcare Home is a modern institution built with funds from our citizens that features expert medical staff and besides these healthcare opportunities there are outpatient clinics in other villages around Vevcani, such as : Velesta, Podgorci, Labunista, Tatesi, Jablanica, Borovec and Dobovjani.

Our Healthcare Home provides multiple medical specialized services all with one purpose – better medical care for the citizens, some of the services are:

  • X-ray, ECHO, ECG diagnostics and Mammography
  • Biochemical laboratory
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Emergency
  • Internal medicine unit
  • Children’s unit
  • Dental unit
  • CPT unit