Mountain Jablanica

Jablanica is a tall mountain on the southwest part of Macedonia that reaches the area between the Ohrid Struga and Debar’s basin, west from the river Crn Drim and the coast of the Ohrid Lake. Jablanica reaches on the meridian direction from north to south with the length of 35km and it is the second for its height in the west Shara area. Throughout the top of the mountain is the Macedonian-Albanian border where the east side of the mountain belong to Macedonia and the west belong to Albania. The mountain ridge is 2000m high, the highest pick is Crn Kamen 2257m, then there are Strizak 2233m, Krstec 2186m, Cumin vrv 2125m.

Many of the ones that have visited the mountain want to come back again because of its unique beauty and the beautiful landscapes there are. Some consider it as our most beautiful mountain, others would say it is "little Sar planina" The mountain is fascinating, the difference is only in t he colors and the experience. The most fascinating think is that in only few hours of walking you can see different kinds of landscapes and be surprised by something new every time you visit it.

The landscape dominates with high picks, vast surfaces, deep river valleys, fossil glacial forms. During the ice period there are evidence of some part that were under whole glaciered condition, such places are the Vevcani’s Loch, Podgorci lake, upper and lower Labunista lake.