KUD "Drimkol" Vevcani (Cultural Artistic Society)

KUD "Drimkol" is a serious institution the cherishes, develops and promotes folklore in our country and outside our borders. There are 150 active members at the moment and they are all divided in several groups – The folklore ensemble "Drimkol", the traveling theatre "Take a bow and fall", the singing group "Kadanka’’ and the Orchestra of folklore instruments.

This society represents a national treasure to Macedonia and as such it represents Macedonia in a dignified way everywhere it performs.

On is this piece of land is where people danced and singed all the time, they singed on weddings, holidays, namedays, on fields while working, and they always sang with their full heart and joy, they sang in the springs, during the days of the carnival, girls dressed up for Easter….It is these kinds of traditional forms of gathering caused by folklore and tradition contribute for the people of Vevcani to form this cultural artistic society in the 1947 and participate on 11th of October ceremonies in Prilep and Bitola and gets its first official recognition as a cultural society.

Since then the drums and the "zurli" (traditional brass instrument) never stop playing and people never stopped admiring them.

KUD "Drimkol" was formed back in 1973 under the name Pecalbar" from the young enthusiastic people that celebrated love, song and dancing all through this group, with their unselfish effort, time and money for new costumes and instruments. In 1979 the society changes its name into "Drimkol" and till this very day it is active in cherishing and developing the cultural tradition of our surrounding.

All throughout the years of its existing, this ensemble never stopped amazing its viewers, but it reached its pick in the 2000 when it started with researching for the old traditional costumes, customs and music. From this research there are several traditional performances that are brought back to "life" – "Vevcanka Lazara", "Gjurgjovden", "Vevcanski vasilicari", "Vevcanski svadbarski obicai", and these performances brought three golde medals, one silver and one bronze and defined our ensemble with special characteristics.

The rich, old, traditional costumes that our ensemble use makes it different from the other societies of this kind in our country.

Besides the resourceful folklore there are also stylized choreography performances from all the areas mentioned above such as complete and credible costumes.

It is not just our regular participation to the domestic folklore festivals such as – "Balkanski Festival" – Ohrid, "Ilindenski denovi" – Bitola, "Oro bez granici" – Skopje, we have participated in numerous festivals all around the world: Croatia, Serbija, Montenegro, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Sardinia, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Azerbeijan , Czech Republic..

Thanks to our society policy on research for the resourceful tradition and customs it is on the list of the first 5 ensembles in Macedonia by all the criteria of the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia and belongs to the ensembles of first category.