"Petrovden" – among people, this holiday is one of the fifteen religious ones that are most important holidays and it is celebrated as the day of the Holy Apostles Paul and Peter. It is celebrated on 12th of July. There is a tradition in Vevcani on this day people to go to the mountain on "The Loch" – it is a mountain glacier lake under the mountain top called "Black Rock".


There are several assumptions about visiting this place on the very day. Some believe that it is because in the summer days they used the fields bellow the lake for pastures and they went there frequently, some believe that if young girls and boys used to go there and managed to throw a rock over the lake they would be married the following year and the third belief is connected with the mission of the Apostles Paul and Peter.

But, whatever the reason or belief is, the tradition of visiting this lake is still alive and even more massive these days.