Hunting and fishing

The hunting association "Cern Kamen" was founded in 2010 and it manages the hunting area "Drimkol 2". The hunting area is on the territory of mountain Jablanica in about 15150 ha. The right to hunt in the hunting area have only the members of the hunting association "Cern Kamen" and guest – hunters which get a daily permission to hunt whilst enjoying the natural beauty of the mountain and its surrounding. The hunting area offers the following wild animals: wild boar, doe, wolf, fox, wild goat etc.

The hunting association manages hunting cabins for recreational purposes, some of the activities of the association is to build objects such as: feeding nests, cabins etc.

Mountain Jablanica features with many beauties which this association is preserving and enriching them throughout many activities.

The office of this association is inside the municipality’s building.

In Vevcani’s river you can find the one of a kind river trout but since that area is under protection it is forbidden to fish. You are allowed to fish in the river Crn Drim that is only 5km away from Vevcani.