Saviors day (the Ascension of Christ)

"Spasovden" – Saviors day (the Ascension of Christ) is a holiday that in Vevcani is being celebrated for three times, once in the summer, in the autumn and in the winter. During these days it is a custom for people to go and visit the monastery that it is on the mountain 1300 meters above sea level. There is a mounatein trail through the woods that from Vevcani to Upper "Sv. Spas" will get you for an hour. The monastery is built in the rocks, in the old days people would sleep inside the monastery inns, but these days people light camp fires and gather around it. "Sv. Spas" is considered as a Savior and Protector of Vecani and very often it is mentioned in the prayers, people visit the mountain monastery often. They light candles, say a prayer and pray for good health especially the ones that have difficulties with their eyes, it is believed that the light that shines around this Saint helps the people that have difficulties with their eyes.