Picnic areas

Jankov Kamen

This picnic area is on the mountain Jablanica on 1300m above sea level. At the sight itself there is an artificial lake that gives the area special beauty and a chance for recreational tourism. This area is visited on a daily bases by the local citizens as from the foreign tourists as well. There is a hunting cabin at the top of the area and the Municipality is taking care of it, but anyone can rent it and use it. From the center of Vevcani to this picnic area there are 4 kilometers of an asphalted road but there are several mountain trails that will take you to Jankov Kamen for 30 – 45 minutes. There is also a biking trail for all the mountain bickers.





Starza is a hill above Vevcani and it is 1100m above the sea level. It is a place that gives a wonderful view to the municipality and beyond, and to all the mountain tops, recently there was a viewpoint built there.


Smolejca is a resting point on 1000m above sea level with a viewpoint. It is a beautiful spot for resting and it is on the road to the church St. Spas and Jankov Kamen, which gives a beautiful view to the surrounding nature and villages and the Ohrid Lake.

Vevcani’s golina and Loch

The area of Golina is on 1800-2227 m above the sea level on the mountain of Jablanica, above Vevcani and it represents a real basis for development of several kinds of rural tourism. The area is partly with forest glades, wide endemic vegetation and on top of it there is a Glacier lake called the Vevcani’s Loch. The Loch, together with the Sheepfold are in a place called Dupka and they are very much visited by people that are passionate mountain climbers and nature lovers especially for the summer religious holidays Petrovden and Pavlovden . To get to this area there are marked trails but a local guide is strongly recommended.