This complex construction is made out of three thing, that is the water flow ( wet fulling – mill), the fulling – mill ( dry fulling – mill) and the water mill. We all get water from the Vevcani River and for every object there is a special tub for the water flow. The tubs are actually trunks of trees that are hollowed in order the water can flow smoothly. The old, original tubs are saved. For the regulation of the water flow there is a stick called "gecme" that sets the amount needed for the work of the mill. Three decades age they were still working and according to them they have been reconstructed; it looked like an upside down cone, the opening into the ground is paved with rock that are used as blocks and they are called "jis", around the rock opening there are wooden planks at the bottom that are tightened with a wooden hoop to keep them together, at the top there are twisted on the outside so the water can flow through. The depth of the well is 2.70m . Today, as in the old times we use it for washing woolen blankets that are pretty heavy and difficult to wash,while washing they are tossed and turned with big wooden crotches, but after they are washed inside the fulling – mill they are hanged on hooks called "klukaci".