International art colony (Vevcani’s gatherings)

Starting from 2010, traditionally in the colorfully Vevcani, in the wonderful restaurant "Via Ignatia", the international art colony is being organized. There are many eminent artists that participated at this colony, like from Macedonia such as from other countries like, Greece, Russia, Egypt, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, France, Poland, Mexico, Turkey, Sweden.

The colony starts on 25th of June until 10th of July.

The purpose of this colony is for the artist to be inspired out of the beauties of Vevcani and put it on the canvas just to develop mutual understanding and collaborating between the many foreigners that take part in the colony itself.

At the end of every colony there is a catalogue being published on Macedonian and one foreign language (English or French) with all the art work made while the colony lasted with all the authors and their contacts and reviews, if there are any. Samples of the catalogue are being distributed to eminent institutions and people all over the country and abroad.


        Contacts and information:

        telephone: (+389)46798102