Our restaurant is in the lavish beauty of Vevcani, beside the mythical merge between the sightseeing, thestone of Vevcani and its water.

We can service 250 guests at once, we have a beautiful garden and a terrace which can be used foreveryday private and business lunches as for any kinds of celebrations. The restaurant is built with stoneblocks and represents a wonderful merge between tradition and modern design.Here you can taste freshly baked bread out of the furnace, fresh salad out of the garden, tasty homecooked meals and all sorts of specialties from the world known kitchens.Only here you can reach the light and the peace of the far distance, the hospitality of the soul of Vevcaniand the taste of the home kitchen.

Restaurant Pelvec – the shiniest gleam of Vevcani's hospitality and tradition!!

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Phone number: 
+389 (78) 404 267