Kinder garden "Planinski cvet"

The public institution for children, kinder garden "Planinski cvet" it is established in May 1979. The object features with four main playgrounds, one kitchen and one auxiliary room. The basic activity to this institution is childcare and upbringing for children that are at preschool age.

There are several activities that are characteristic for the kinder garden such as developing the physical, emotional, intellectual and health growth of the children that are under the age of six.

All the above mentioned activities are being made in optimal conditions inside the institution under the caring hand of the employees.




Public school "Straso Pindzur"

The elementary education in Vevcani takes place in the premises of the Municipality’s Public school. There is a total of 250 students and 30 teachers. Educational process in Vevcani has begun back in 1834, when the locals fought from the Turkish authorities for the right to build a church and a church school. The teaching took place at the Lower church. The first teachers were suppose to teach the children Greek, but they only used the Greek alphabet and thought them Macedonian.

Today, Vevcani has a new and modern school building where the teaching is also modern and every year with a new purpose of what kind of goals should be achieved and how. The application of new developed and scientific forms of teaching are giving wonderful, long lasting results to the students who, without any exception are continuing their education to high schools and universities.

Hundreds of teachers, doctors, engineers and other high educational profiles are the pride and joy to this school which set the ground foundation for creativity, individual upgrading and moral values.

Library ‘’MA Risto Popeski’’ Vevcani


The library with the reading room ‘’Sveti Vasilie’’ was formed in February 16th, 1935, with 345 books that were a gift from the locals. During the world war the library was the place were great ideas were exchanged between some of the locals and that is why she was carefully watched over by the authorities. 

The library carries the name of the noble scientific researcher MA Risto Poposki who has donated over 3200 books.

Over the years, the library has been moved on different locations but today, it stands on its true place, where it belongs, in the House of Culture. Today, the library has a fund of over 16000 books, most of them are given to the library by the National Library and the University Library from the University of Bitola ‘’Sv. Kliment Ohridski’’, in 2010 the book fund was enlarged with 600 books, among them there are translations of famous novels and research books. There are also books given by the government through their project of translating experts books of a famous scientist all around the world.