The main hydrographical artery on the territory of Vevcani is Vevcani’s river which passes through the settlement and flows into the river Crn Drim.

Its springs are at the east slopes of mountain Jablanica, near the settlement at the altitude of 950m above sea level, and they are setteled among the tyrianic limestone. Their yield in wet periods is about 1500l/s, but according to some measurements the yields are 400-450l/s.

These springs represent one of the rarer of its kind in our country and as such they are our natural monument.

Because of all these features and its ambient values it represents a natural place for rest and relaxation. Beside this spring there are others mountain springs as a fossil, glacial cirque where there is a small water surface called loch.

Our community is water supplied by the river and the natural springs and streams from the mountain, and these springs and streams give a special beauty to the community.