Vevcani is located at the beginning of the east slopes of mountain Jablanica at the altitude of 800m above sea levels. To be exact, the municipality is on the border between the mountain feet of Jablanica on the west and the plane of the basin on to the east. The legal land of Vevcani is between the north-west side of Ohrid Lake to the west side of Struga's field and the east side of Jablanica. It is on the border with Struga and reaches little bit of the border with Republic of Albania. Vevcani is a on a hill and its houses reach to 820 – 980 m above sea level. From the center of Vevcani to Struga there are 13,5 km and from the road Struga – Debar only 4km. The legal land of Vevcani is pretty vast it is 35,5km2 in which pastures prevail on 2245ha, the woods have 564,9ha, and for the farmland there's 557,4ha. Vevcani is a municipality on its own and it is the only one of such kind in the teretory of Macedonia.