Water mill

At the entrance of the Springs there is an old water mill made out of rock and it is functioning till this very day and it is a sort of a great attraction for the tourists. People from Vevcani and the villages around it used to bring wheat to grind.In the past  in Vevcani used to be 33 water mills that worked besides the water of the springs.

People that work at the water mill say that the water mill exists for 2 – 3 centuries and it works, still. Back in its heyday a rich man from Vevcani desided not to invest his money in a store in Belgrad, but to build a water mill here, because it was more profitable. The water mill is like a factory. It grinds wheat and charges tax, called "uem", the flour that is grind from the recognizable kinds of wheat is always much better than the one that is made in the modern mills.