When we talk about the geographical and tourist position of Vevcani, it is true to say that it is in a favorable position. Vevcani is only 4km away the regional road Struga – Debar, a road that goes along the river Crn Drim and leads to Debar and continues towards Mavrovo, this is so called tourist highway that connects with the highway M-4 continuing towards Skopje. On the same regional road going south, Vevcani is connected to Struga. At the entrance of Struga there is another connection to the highway M-4 (corridor 8) so in that way Vevcani is connected to every highways and regional roads that lead inside our country and outside of it. The connection by air traffic is made through the airport Sv. Apostol Pavle, that is only 20km away from Vevcani.

The public transportation is fulfilled by road traffic. The bus station belongs to the Municipality of Vevcani and it is given to a private transporter LTD "Sprija" to execute this duty. This duty is executed in daily basis in both the directions Vevcani – Struga, Struga – Vevcani.