Sports activities

In the past few years, conditions for sports and recreation have been made in Vevcani by building the sport’s gym "Vlado Popeski" and the tennis court "Mate Gjurceski".

The sport’s gym is over a surface of 1300m2, there are 400 seats, dressing rooms, showers, the most modern sporting equipment and offices for the teachers. The sport’s gym is of a great use for the students, the teachers and all the rest that desire to recreate. The gym gives conditions for sports like: basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, ping-pong and many more sports.

The tennis court "Mate Gjurceski" has all the modern and needed conditions for people to play tennis, the court possesses lightening, wire fence and the infrastructure needed according the World tennis association.

With the building of these objects Vevcani gives its citizens a possibility to recreate, but also to the people that visit Vevcani.