Economic migration

"Placi krusa" – the Weeping Pear – the tree where the families parted, that is where the men (Pecalbari) were leaving their close ones behind them so they could go into the world and earn for a living. This Pear is silent about the soroww, the tears, the promises that have been given that they, the families will be back together as soon as they earn some money. From always, the winters here started with the first spring day and the summer started with the first cold day. In winter the men were coming back from work but as soon as the first snow would start melting they would pack their suitcases and leave their love ones and their homes. Who was the first one to take his bags and open the horizon for the others to follow and make their living out in the world, it is not known. But, the men beside their personal use while working around the world wanted to give their home place something in return.

For the meaning and greatness of these men speak their well known constructions and buildings: The theatre in Belgrade, the people’s assembly in Belgrade, several banks in Belgrade, the Traffic ministry in Belgrade, the state publishing building in Belgrade, the Roman Embassy, schools, hospitals, the Royal residence in Dedinje. They have been all around the world and worked all sorts of work, into the mines in North and South America, building buildings in Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, England, Persia, Egypt, Albania, Kuwait, and many more.

In the winter of 1956 an Association of construction and craft was formed, called ‘’Drimkol’’ – Vevcani, the Human resources and financial sector were in Vevcani, the working and business units, construction sites, working areas in Serbia with the main office in Belgrade, also in Macedonia in Skopje and Bitola. The basic activities of the association were facades, gypsum, mosaic work and other crafting. They managed high and low construction. Over the years it grew successfully. This is a story that tells about the unique construction workers that unselfishly worked for the improvement of their home town. In that way the first modern plumbing system was built, movie theatre with 400 seats, the first of its kind in the wider area.