Vevcani’s old architecture

For centuries back constructions workers – masters from now own – were well known for their construction skills, brickwork, stone carving etc. Organized in groups they worked as migrant workers all around the Balcan and even further, they were honest and hard working and people would greet them with joy and pleasure.

Meeting new cultures and new ways of working they would bring back what they have learned to Vevcani and use it in the local construction and by doing that they were modernizing the place. Although the old and traditional architecture was under the influence of the new and modern one, still it kept the recognizable ways of building or the external look of the houses; like using the domestic materials for building, the well known porch, the division of the season living, using certain rooms only for summer and other for winter only.

The beauty of Vevcani is mostly created by the old houses that exist as an evidence of a life that once was here and still prevails. Such houses are the following one, they are well kept and well preserved despite the harsh conditions of time:

The house of Duckinovci, a palace, vertical division onto three parts, the porch is at the very front and there are certain byzantine admixtures.

The house of Pluskovci, a house with a specific porch that it is broken down through the space

The house of Pesinovci, is a tall house, with a two story vestibule, a double middle porch with deeply defined winter apartment between the stories and a summer apartment on the upper story.

The house of Dascalovci, is a small house with a closed porch, at the ground floor there are stores for folklore costumes and the upper floors are livable.

The house of Korunovci, it is a house with a three part division and a middle porch, and a specific construction that was noticeable in the middle aged churches in our areas.

The house of Kitanovci, it is a house that is highly developed with a three part division of the basis and a centrally placed porch.

The house of Kalajdzievci, it is a tall house with a narrow front, vast porch and clearly defined summer apartment with mud plaster and a massive winter apartment between the floors.

The house of Kostojcinovci, a small house with colonnade with pillars and jetties that circle around the front part of the house, the lower part of the house is made out of stone brick but the higher part is made out of mud plaster.

The house of Gogovci, it is a house with double oriented middle porch.

The house of Popovci, it is a house with a high architectural and structural expression with a characteristic and specific typology.