Flora and Fauna

The vegetation features of the terrain are mostly dependent of the climate conditions, the part of the terrain and the soil. The higher territories get more rain during the year but the average temperatures are low, so there aren’t optimal conditions for agricultural developments. Also, in these parts the vegetation period is shorter. The flat part of the land has an opportunity for natural watering and that is why there are more gardening cultures and smaller vineyards. On the east part of these flat fields there are some wheat cultures and pastures. Jablanica has unique forests and there are oaks, beech and chestnut woods and in some parts there coniferous thick woods. The woods reach up to 1800m above sea level and above them are the pastures. The thick beech wood gives a special refreshing density to the air and has a relaxation effect. On some places there is a case of virgin woods. Besides the woods there are also rare vegetable types such as communities of endemic, healing plants, wood berries, etc.

Jablanica has exceptional wild life, from the big wild life we can mention the bears, wolves, foxes, dears, wild boars, rabbits, does, even the Balkan lynx, which is very rare and there are only few of them in 3 or 4 mountains in Macedonia.