The house of Mihajlo Pupin

When you start walking up the narrow street in Vevcani you come across an old house that belonged to the Pupin family, it was built in 1880 by the family from where Mihajlo Pupin origins. The neighborhood is called Pupini for a very long time and since the house is reconstructed it has given a new life to the street and the neighborhood in all. You walk on a rock pavement, by the old wooden door that has stood there for many years which was built by the hands of the people that lived there, you get to see the grand wall made by Pupin’s rocks that have been carved by the patient hands of the host that have lived there long time ago, and now this old house that still stands there is welcoming us with its doors wide open.

The beautiful handmade stairs out of chestnut tree lead to the porch and rooms upstairs where the old fireplaces and old wooden chest with the amazing antique furniture and households items await for the witnessing of a long time ago life that happened there, when people used to live there and greet other guests.

This house is museum stand for the exceptional Pupin about his life and work.

There are several rooms and all the original interior and exterior that could be preserved is protected and put into use. The idea was to preserve and create one little recognizable piece of history and culture about the real story of the Pupin family as of Mihajlo Pupin himself. Without any doubt this house brings out the curiosity to every visitor.